Hello, my name is Payal Prasad.

Kundali – The Horoscope is a one stop destination for your solutions on astrology and matchmaking. It is managed by New Zealand based Payal Prasad, who hails from a rooted Kayasth family in Mumbai, India. Being shifted to the foreign destination, Payal aims at brining the rich culture and tradition of her home country, which she imbibed all her life in India to New Zealand.

With Post Graduation in Commerce specializing in Financial Accounting from Mumbai University, Payal worked in the Insurance sector and then the wealth management and customer service sector for 17 years and 9 years respectively.

While she enjoyed being a successful professional in her stream, it was her curiosity of reading horoscopes that took her to Astrology. She began exploring the field in 2006 and by 2011 she started practicing and providing consultation in the same.

After being professionally trained under the famous astrologer Vijay Hajari, she launched Kundali – The Horoscope. Under the banner, Payal has been a go-to astrologer for over 500 clients in India and 100 plus patrons across the world.

What with the overtly competitive world and the constant rat-race, people get bogged down with issues related to family, finance, marriage and career. To such thousands of people Kundali – The Horoscope has been like home.

We believe that it is the core responsibility of an astrologer to help anyone who wishes to seek help. With this motto, Kundali has been offering horoscope reading services since many years. “We ‘listen’ to our clients. Listening helps! A lot of them come to us with their problems, and Kundali plays a platform where they can vent it all out – their issues, their desires and expectations. We wave a magic wand and send them packing with a smile on their face,” says the astrologer at Kundali, Payal Prasad.

The ‘magic’ here is in her ability to go beyond the traditional methods and bring into practice the modern modes of astrology. In this day and age where people have moved on from All India Radio to Twitter it is must to bring about a change in the pattern of astrology techniques as well. Thus, Kundali combines the ‘Paramparik’ methods and ‘Krishna Murti’ method with a BhavNavmans Method which is invented by Parampujya Guru Shri Vijay Hajari to deliver that satisfying experience with 100 per cent success.

Having a strong, certified background in Nakshatra Jyotish and Mantra Bhaskar, Kundali offers guidance in all important areas of life such as career, business, money, love, education, property, personal matters, transfer, success, enemy, marriage, child’s future, compatibility between couples, partnership, horoscope making , match making, etc.

We are also proficient in recommending astrological remedies by best resources i.e. powerful yantra, jaap and anusthan & gems etc. Above all, the ‘right remedy’, which can be as simple as a guidance, that can change the course of events.

Thus, at Kundali – The Horoscope, it’s a blend of more than one method of Astrology which gives accurate answers we suggest you to try the lovely amalgamation. We promise you won’t be disappointed! Tathasthu!!!